Remote Home Page

I don’t like the effect that Facebook has on my internet habits. It also applies to the effect that reddit, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and every other primary online social network. It also applies to the effect these things have on my reading, writing, creative, friend-making, play, and all of my other habits. In fact, it kind of applies to everything. These huge websites that take everything that [they think] I want and spoon-feed it to me in a easy to digest curated-towards-ads-and-promotion-thereof manner completely ruin any sort of true exploration of anything on the internet. I suspect that this effect has also had a very wide range in ‘meatspace’, as well.

To that end, I am going to use this page as an easy-to-remember URL for myself, that has links to all the things that I like to see, learn about, and interact with on a regular basis. I am committed to not letting any sort of algorithm, website, program, or any other non-blood-and-flesh based medium directly add the links here. I will add them manually, by myself. I will take suggestions -just email me or use my contact form.

I think I will try to find a plugin that lets me put something new in it without logging into my website at all – but that is simply a tool that I use. I don’t consider that breaking my rules.

This page is currently under construction, but I want these categories: Forums, Social, People I Know, People I Don’t Know (but want to), Tools, Webcomics, Podcasts, Music, Blogs, Reading That Isn’t Blogs,

I think that it may just turn into a “most used bookmarks” page for me, but I think it will turn out differently.

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