On this page, I am going to tell you about me and about this website.

Quick versions:

Website: 3 podcasts and some other stuff.

Me: Married (1 adorable toddler so far), degree (2!),  working (not within degree), religion (yeah really).

About the website: First off, you may want to read this blog post. It is the second one I’ve ever done, and has a lot of good information about where I have intended this podcast and website to go.

But, as the title of the blog post implies (or rather, states in all caps), I have no idea what I am doing.

Seriously – even though I now plan to include an E-book explaining how in the world I am got here and what it is like to start a website/podcast/blog/whatever-this-thing-is, I have no idea what I am doing.

Basically, I got inspired to do an ‘actual play’ Pathfinder podcast (which I named the Apprentice Game Master). To entertain people that game with a slightly different format than what is common. Or at least – what I think is common.

And then, after continuing to listen to the Podcast that inspired me, I realized that there is no possible way that I could create a platform like a podcast and keep my mouth shut, so I thought of how I might express myself with care and organization, instead of having an occasional explosive  rant. And I thought of the Nerd’s Apprentice. To help nerds be a little more self-aware and to help people understand nerds a little bit more.

And then I realized that, while gaming is a great thing in general, I want to be a well-rounded nerd, and a well-rounded person in general, so I thought of something not specifically gaming related that I might talk about. In thinking about this, I realized that when I talk about anything, I tend to tell these long, involved stories that just frustrate a lot of the people that I talk to. So I came up with the Apprentice Story Teller. So now I have a platform to improve a skill that I would like to be much better, and to perhaps inspire others to do the same.

And then the photography and the blog just sort of grew out of that – it made sense. There will probably be a lot of pages that I think “hey! there should be a website with this on it!”

About Me: I am not 100% sure what to put here, other than a picture.

Taken on our 1st anniversary trip to chicago

This is me not knowing what to do when the camera is pointed at me.

So I guess I will tell you what I tell any stranger that uses the phrase “so what do you do?”

SIGH. I HATE THAT QUESTION. That question puts all the responsibility of the conversation on to me, and I think that it is often a way to get the other person to talk while you decide whether you actually want to be occupying the same conversational space with them…

BUT RIGHT NOW, it kinda makes sense to ask. And I don’t often respond to that question with a rant. Just FYI.

I am Married. Have been for a little over three years. It is a pretty awesome thing. Might not be for everybody, considering the divorce rate in America, but I have to say, it is for me. She is named Amanda and she is awesome, kinda short, constantly surprising me, strong-willed, hates romantic comedies, and will be a serious zombie-killer when the outbreak happens. We [currently – 6/18/2014] have no kids and no pets.

I [currently – 6/18/2014] work in a pretty boring office in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I get there earlier than I prefer to be awake most days, and then I push paper (literally) for a while – mostly through the power of coffee. I work with great people, but I find the work itself to be quite tedious, though very easy. I get halfway decent pay and great benefits. I have been in this job for a little over a year. One of the great things about it is that I never interact with customers and that means that I can have my headphones on all day – which means listening to music and podcasts, which is a pretty awesome benefit.

I have two degrees. One is an Associate’s Degree from Columbus State Community College. I spent almost 4 years on that degree, which is funny, because it is a 2-year degree. Learned a lot though, and most of what I learned was outside the purview of any academic course. The other degree is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Otterbein University. I only took 2 years to get that degree, which is funny, because it is a 4-year degree. I almost didn’t make it, because halfway though my first semester of my senior year, I proposed to Amanda (see above under “I am Married”).

Religion is a thing. 


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