When I first started making this website and really nailing down what I wanted it to be and the different podcasts that I want to host with it, I wanted to start releasing episodes all at once – and I even had a good plan to do so.. Then my car, my wife’s car broke down, and our dryer  continued to be broken down. Then I was invited to MORE weddings. Then asked to speak at one.

Then my wife got pregnant.

Then I was asked to speak at a funeral, the request coming from the person whose funeral it would be, about a week before I would be doing the speaking (that is, this person asked me to speak at their own funeral – you don’t say ‘no’ to that).

So…..you could say that my plans have changed a bit.

I am going to start with the Nerd’s Apprentice on a regular schedule, get to Apprentice Storyteller whenever I’ve got extra space on my media server, and just be working on getting the Apprentice Game Master going when I have time – just get a bunch of episodes in the can so that I can actually release them in a regular fashion when I get to the point that I can afford (with both money and with time) to do so.

  • Nerd’s Apprentice: the Nerd World is very strange to a lot of people, and tends to have a high ‘cost of entry’. I try to help explain elements of the Nerd World to people foreign to it, and to try to help those native to the Nerd World to try to be a little more self-aware of how they appear to others.
  • Apprentice Game Master: there is a tabletop role playing game named Pathfinder that I love to play. This podcast is dedicated to delivering you short episodes of nothing but content and actual play. I try to mercilessly cut out any audio that does not contribute to the content. This makes it a little choppy, but more valuable and entertaining, I think.
  • Apprentice Story Teller: I tell stories constantly. I even try to avoid it in my normal day-to-day life, but I just can’t stop. So I might as well get really good at it. This is me trying to get better at it and to help you do the same, if you are interested.

If you are at all interested in helping this website and these podcasts (and hell – even my forthcoming progeny) get off the ground in a good way, then follow this link, please read it, and then go buy something from amazon.

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