I am not making this page obvious to get to, so that you can only get to it if you know it is here or if you are linked here from another part of the website, which I do occasionally.


Yes, I am a Christian, and I have gotten a lot of flak about it from the nerd world – which is why I have hidden this page. The only people I care to discuss this with are the people that are actually taking the time to learn something about me. If you have gotten to this page, that means that you actually want to know.


First off, I love the fact that the Earth is more than 3 billion years old, vaccines work, and that people of other religions/political parties/parts of life/whatever are people. 

As a Christian, I really do believe that there is a magic sky fairy holding the entire universe together through his (gender fails where the divine is concerned – I use male pronouns because my language forces me to use one or the other) active will. And I really do believe that he sent his son (which was also himself, which is a complicated and often confusing subject) to go down to earth and die – and I really do believe that even though he died, he also got better. I also think that the implications of this are world shaking, on a personal level, and for every person that exists (even aliens, if they are out there).

I mean seriously – if an all powerful being died, just for the chance to be known by you? That’s some serious shit.

I really do believe all that, and I believe that Christ actually said things like ‘love your neighbor’, and he even had some people write down what he thought was most important. And in that writing, he even specifically states what he thinks is the most important ‘commandment’: Love God, and then Love Everyone Else.

And I implore you to remember three things that are complicated:

  • The world – which implies that the one who created it also carries the faculty to be complicated (and maintain a moral code that is complicated)
  • Love – not always fun and fuzzy, Love and loving actions are often found motivated in some pretty complicated individuals who also fall under the third heading:
  • People – (I include myself in ‘people’) are often pretty complicated, which makes them sometimes beautiful, sometimes amazing, and sometimes terrible.

As a Christian, I really hate how Christians are often portrayed, especially in media, and often by other Christians. PLEASE stop listening to televangelists and any random Christian that gets in front of a camera (they are often wrong in some really important ways), PLEASE stop judging the Christians you meet as if they were the asshole Christians you grew up with, and PLEASE treat them just like so many people say that we should all treat each other: as people first, and then as their various labels after that.

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