Holy Crap

I recently had my 9th anniversary of being married to Amanda and we were observing that ‘growing up’ and having kids has slowed down our lives quite a bit.

And it’s not like “nothing happens” – it’s that all the things that do happen are a lot more in our laps than they are out in the world. Raising kids, working ‘real’ jobs, paying loans, and so forth are all happening right in our face. Before we had kids and all this other life stuff, we would need to go out to the world to progress our lives. Now it feels like some 95% of the progression of our lives happens “in-house”.

The reason that I say this is because I last posted here in October, saying that I’d like to be posting more often. that’s what, 4 months ago? Yeesh.

The entire household has been sick since Christmas, which is just the worst. We got some weird bug right before Christmas, and by the time it had run it’s course, we had another awful cold or something. I don’t think I’ve spent a day not coughing since then. The accumulating sleep debt (beyond having an infant) and general exhaustion adds yet another dimension on to the whole “all of life taking more energy.”

Ok, well my kids are almost 1 and almost 5 – both birthdays in March. I’m going to be getting my yearly raise here in a few weeks. I’m going to be getting some intense training from my job a bit after that. I’m going to be trying for a new position at my company as well.

Amanda is also so experienced with knitting that she can practically do it in her sleep. She certainly does these awesome small expanding grocery-bag things (which is apparently quite a complex stitch) while we are watching movies or TV. She’s actually planning on doing them once per day and then selling them at farmer’s markets. It helps her with nervous energy while sitting, as well as (hopefully) bringing in some extra cash – and as a bonus it’s also helping Amanda with her anti-plastic goals.

For me, I am learning game design and programming, and trying to figure out how to implement an idea that I’ve had. I’m going to be using Godot, because it’s free (like – ‘MIT open license’ free, which is crazy free), seems to be pretty intuitive, and has a ton of community around it.

My game is going to need a lot more learning to even begin implementing it, but I’m grinding through the tutorials, and I really need to get a github going. I’m planning on asking my 5-year old what she wants in a game and just directly using her idea as a self-tutorial challenge thing. Right now the main thing I know about her game is that it will have a unicorn.

I suppose that’s it. I just wanted to be in the habit of writing something. Hopefully the next thing will be sooner than 3 months from now.

Getting back to it.

The last post that I had was just over one year ago.


That’s no way to run a website.

In that year, I’ve accomplished a lot.

I’ve become extremely comfortable at my job, and I’m even looking down the barrel of another skills test to justify another raise in January.

I’ve managed to get to the point where I actually have savings.

I’ve been a Best Man for my friend.

Oh yeah, I also have begun including in my household a new tyrant. Her name is Willow and she’s 7 months old at the time of writing this. She is developing crazy fast and she’s a friggin giant. She’s been pulling herself up on to her feet for about a month but has yet to figure out walking. She sleeps in a crib but also knows that if it’s dark and she starts yelling, then daddy comes down the hall and holds her.

There’s also been a variety of drama in my life, even before she was born.

So yeah, there’s a good set of reasons that I haven’t been updating, sleep deprivation being a big one the last seven months.

But I’m going to try to start updating again.

Currently I have a few things going on – as I mentioned my job is going well and I have 2 kids. Sometime soon I’ll be able to trade in my falling-apart-at-the-seams car for a better car, and by about christmas I should be able to start seriously looking for a house to buy (meaning Nerd Fort #3 will have a place to exist). I’m also learning how to code in Godot so that I can make a video game that’s been stewing in the back of my mind for a little while.

A to-do list for this website

So, in the interest of actually using this webspace that I am paying for, I am going to create this to-do list for myself. I feel like this will help me to be more directed in the way in which I approach it, and I feel like that is a good thing. I’m going to revisit this post on a regular basis (let’s say, monday sometime after lunch?) and let people know what I’ve done and what’s next. Maybe this should be a webpage.

CURRENTLY, I am working on THE WEBSITE ITSELF, with an emphasis on IMAGES

The website itself:

-The header image: Even if I do not include an Inn, per se, I should include imagery that evokes an old-timey building ready to welcome road-weary travelers.

-The Structure: Does this website operate in the way that I want it to? Do the pages lead to one another in a way that makes conceptual sense? I have no idea – but I will find out.

-Images I want: I have a daughter, even some pictures of her. Perhaps I should take the best images from my mother-in-law’s instagram and put them here? I think that’s a good idea. I also have other things that I have or want images of – and I even have a device specifically dedicated to their capture! and capture them I will.

Categories on the website

– Apprentice Father: Perhaps this should be less gender specific? Apprentice Parent? Whatever. I am learning to care for this screaming and laughing poop machine and I should act like it is something that I am learning, rather than something that is happening to me.

– Apprentice whatever-else: I am still not GMing. I am trying to tell stories, but might not have time. I know for a fact that I’m a nerd…am I writing about it?

Things connected to the website

– Amazon: I am an Amazon Associate…but even though they say I have been, I remain unpaid for the small amount of money that I am purportedly due.

– Social Media: I actually have a twitter for this thing. and a facebook. and I (as a person, not as a website) have an instagram. Perhaps I should integrate those more carefully….