Nerd Fort #1, Episode 11 – for real this time.


I really need to get my shit together. I didn’t even check the website to make sure that the last episode published.

The remainder after this episode is all a bunch of non-D&D stuff, so I decided to scrap it as an episode.

The next episode is either going to be session 4, or a break while I publish some other stuff. Specifically a game day in which I had several people over to my house, and some of them played in the nerd fort. We’ll see.

When my work actually hits 40 hours in a week, it’s a pretty intense 40 hours. I rarely have time to actually do very much after I recover from the day – you know, beyond the daily necessities of hugging the toddler, consuming sustenance, kissing the wife, fixing the car – that sort of stuff. So I’ve been struggling to actually edit and have things ready very far in advance. I plan to rectify this. So that I have less breaks in regular content.

IN THE MEANTIME here is the actual episode 11.