Holy Crap

I recently had my 9th anniversary of being married to Amanda and we were observing that ‘growing up’ and having kids has slowed down our lives quite a bit. And it’s not like “nothing happens” – it’s that all the things that do happen are a lot more in our… Continue reading


I mentioned on reddit that I have a personal website and I love it because it feels a little like “the old internet” (link to my comment here) and everybody started asking me for it. I’m writing this post in anticipation of people actually coming here. Thanks for the interest…. Continue reading


So, I wanted to start podcasting again. But my encounters with bedbugs completely stopped the group from meeting, which stopped the recordings from happening, which obviously stops a podcast. I was also, obviously, dealing with bedbugs at the time, which cuts into your time pretty severely. As in – totally…. Continue reading