Getting back to it.

The last post that I had was just over one year ago.


That’s no way to run a website.

In that year, I’ve accomplished a lot.

I’ve become extremely comfortable at my job, and I’m even looking down the barrel of another skills test to justify another raise in January.

I’ve managed to get to the point where I actually have savings.

I’ve been a Best Man for my friend.

Oh yeah, I also have begun including in my household a new tyrant. Her name is Willow and she’s 7 months old at the time of writing this. She is developing crazy fast and she’s a friggin giant. She’s been pulling herself up on to her feet for about a month but has yet to figure out walking. She sleeps in a crib but also knows that if it’s dark and she starts yelling, then daddy comes down the hall and holds her.

There’s also been a variety of drama in my life, even before she was born.

So yeah, there’s a good set of reasons that I haven’t been updating, sleep deprivation being a big one the last seven months.

But I’m going to try to start updating again.

Currently I have a few things going on – as I mentioned my job is going well and I have 2 kids. Sometime soon I’ll be able to trade in my falling-apart-at-the-seams car for a better car, and by about christmas I should be able to start seriously looking for a house to buy (meaning Nerd Fort #3 will have a place to exist). I’m also learning how to code in Godot so that I can make a video game that’s been stewing in the back of my mind for a little while.

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